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Tesla to set up mini solar stores inside Home Depot

Tesla to set up mini solar stores inside Home Depot

Tesla is expected to expand its solar division across Home Depot‘s stores, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

The expansion plans would help Tesla test the appeal of its renewable-energy products to a wider audience. It would help Home Depot use some of its excess floor space to sell new products and gain a competitive edge over its peers.

Tesla is adding its own selling spaces at 800 of Home Depot’s stores across the U.S., Bloomberg said. Those areas are scheduled to be built in the first half of 2018, and Tesla employees will man them, according to the publication.

Representatives from Home Depot and Tesla didn’t immediately respond to CNBC’s requests for comment.

Meanwhile, Lowe’s has also held talks with Tesla about selling solar products, Bloomberg reported, based on conversations with familiar sources.

A representative from Lowe’s told CNBC: “We don’t have any plans to carry the products at this time.”

Numerous companies, including SolarCity, have taken a similar approach to make solar products — roofs and panels — available in mass retailers (including Home Depot) before. The issues have been that these products are costly, often hard to display and aren’t as popular among U.S. consumers.

Read the full report from Bloomberg.

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