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Tech stocks are flashing a warning sign similar to before the dot-com bubble popped

A measure comparing riskier tech stocks to safer utilities is triggering memories of what happened just before the dot-com bubble wrecked the market 18 years ago.

Stock market meltdown has to do with a lot more than just Facebook

Bad news for Facebook may have sparked Monday's market meltdown, but analysts see plenty of reasons for selling to continue.

Because It Worked So Well Last Time, Steve Cohen Will Be His Own Morality Sheriff At Point72

When Steve Cohen started unsubtly pitching Point72 Asset Management as the ethical sequel to his “less than totally clean” SAC Capital, we had some laughs. But Steve really made every attempt to sell the image of his new fund as the angel that killed the devil lurking in his soul. He even hired people to watch over him and ensure that he looked no further for the “Black Edge” but instead turned into the light where guys like former McKinsey samurai Doug Haynes would stop him from recording his employees with a “God cam” or accidentally coercing them into felonies. And for a while, it worked! But recently we found out that Steve’s hand-chosen morality minder had engaged is some less than gentlemanly behavior of his own, such as writing “Pussy” on a whiteboard in his office, leaving it up th...

Trim your tax bill and ramp up savings with these filing tips

If you’re hoping to slash your tax bill and pocket some savings, be sure to act quickly. Filers have until April 17 to submit their returns and pay Uncle Sam. The IRS predicts that it will receive more than 155 million returns this year. More than 7 in 10 taxpayers are expected to scoop up refunds this year, according to the agency. If you’re holding off on sending your return, here’s an incentive to get moving: You only have a few weeks to implement these tax-savings tactics. “The strategies for reducing your tax bill for 2017 revolve around claiming all of the deductions and tax credits you legally deserve,” said certified public accountant Debbie J. Freeman, director of financial planning at Peak Financial Advisors in Denver. “Focus your attention on ...

Markets Noticeably Upset That Facebook And America Are Both Having An Existential Crisis On Monday

There are two ways you can look at last week’s record $34.6 billion worth of inflows into U.S. equities. If you want to put a positive spin on that, you could argue, as JPMorgan did, that it’s evidence of the marginal buyer (i.e. the retail bid) returning to the market with a vengeance. If you want to put a negative spin on it, you could say that it’s a contrarian indicator because some of it represents Joe E*Trader (that’s a gross oversimplification, but it’s funny and that’s what counts). As of right now – so, as of 1:30 p.m. ET on Monday – it looks like the contrarian indicator characterization is more accurate, because stocks are in a tailspin thanks to a confluence of factors, not the least of which is the Facebook data breach debacle which has shares down the most since 2012 (click t...

Uber Cures Mark Zuckerberg’s Case Of “The Mondays” By Literally Killing Someone

As Mark Zuckerberg and his team sweated out what has to be the worst news day in Facebook’s history, the folks over at Uber likely took some perverse pleasure in watching another Silicon Valley household name take on the role of techie supervillain. That would have been a mistake… A woman in Tempe, Ariz., died after being hit by a self-driving car operated by Uber, in what appears to be the first known death of a pedestrian struck by an autonomous vehicle on public roads. This is a deeply bizarre, super sad and totally predictable tragedy…for everyone but Cambridge Analytica. Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian [NYTimes]

Bitcoin is unfolding like the dotcom crash — just 15 times faster

Bitcoin is behaving a lot like how the Nasdaq did around the dot-com bubble but 15 times faster, said Morgan Stanley.

Bitcoin is unfolding like the dot-com crash — just 15 times faster

Bitcoin is behaving a lot like how the Nasdaq did around the dot-com bubble but 15 times faster, said Morgan Stanley.

A surprise from the Fed this week could trigger a market tantrum, says market watcher

Markets expect a hike from the Fed when its committee meets this week. Anything beyond that could cause a tantrum.

People are seeing Facebook isn’t the ‘fun and games, innocent place they thought’: Roger McNamee

The social media giant's stock shed nearly 7 percent Monday after reports of a massive mishandling of data by Cambridge Analytica.

Author who studies millionaires: How habits can make you rich—or poor

According to a Columbia University study by lead investigator Renee Goodwin, cigarette smokers are seven times more likely to smoke pot than non-smokers. Why? A little-known phenomenon known as the transfer effect is to blame. When you forge a habit that improves one area of your life, this automatically triggers a desire for improvements in other areas of your life, say researchers at Indiana University. What’s behind the transfer effect? A unique breed of habits called “keystone habits.” “Keystone habits” are infectious behaviors that act like catalysts, giving birth to other related habits. Cigarette smoking and pot smoking are one example. Another is drinking alcohol and smoking. Still another is commuting in your car and listening to the radio. While R...

Dealbreaker Madness Week 1 Update: You All Suck At This

The good news is that nobody did so badly as to take the quasi-advice put forward in the introductory post to the Dealbreaker Tournament Challenge, because, hoo boy, what a disaster. That suggested final of Villanova vs. Virignia, the two top-seeded V’s? Well, Virginia became the first No. 1 seed in men’s NCAA Tournament history to lose to a No. 16. The notion of “SDSU” as a Final Four team? Both South Dakota State and San Diego State lost in the first round. Penn becoming the first 16 seed to win a game? That did happen, but it was UMBC making history against the aforementioned goliaths from Virginia, not the Quakers against Kansas. The 151 brackets entered in this competition featured 16 different national champions. The most popular choice was Villanova, on 48 entries, and the Wildcats ...