Stocks could retest the October lows before rally resumes, Bob Doll says

Long-time money manager Bob Doll is warning investors that stocks could breach October's correction lows. 

Opening Bell: 11.13.18

Welcome to the new Opening Bell from The Water Coolest. We think you’re gonna like it here … Go home, you’re drunk [The Water Coolest] Diageo is divesting 19 of its “value” brands. You know, the ones best served in plastic bottles and consumed before 10 AM under a bridge. The lower end brands (read: the Camel cigarettes of booze) including Seagram’s Canadian whiskey and Goldschlager schnapps will fetch roughly $550M in cash. The buyer? Privately held US spirit maker, Sazerac. Diageo to Sell 19 Brands Amid Focus on Premium Spirits [WSJ] Jho Low can it go? [The Water Coolest] D-Sol and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Malaysia’s finance minister demanded a full refund for Lloyd’s handy-work on the 1MDB debacle that earned the company roughly $600M. News of the Malaysian governm...

Inward US Bound FDI

There’s been a drastic fall-off in inbound FDI. Figure 1: Inward US bound FDI, in millions $ (blue), 2017$ (red). NBER defined recession dates shaded gray. Trump administration denoted by orange shading. Deflation using CPI-U. Source: OECD, NBER, and author’s calculations. The decline in inbound FDI is remarkable given the buoyant stock markets around the world, and fast GDP growth globally.

Starbucks CEO: ‘We’re not immune’ to the trade war, but we’re ‘playing the long game’ in China

Jim Cramer speaks with Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, who says that his coffee giant's business in China has been built "in China, for China."

Cramer explains the Apple-led sell-off and what could stop the declines

Jim Cramer unpacks Monday's sell-off and says a combination of seven factors will help the stock market find a bottom.

Goldman’s ‘bear market risk indicator’ signals returns will be zero the next 12 months

Goldman Sachs's bear market prediction tool is at an "elevated" level that has historically signaled a zero average return over the next 12 months and a "substantial" risk of drawdown.

The reasons to be bearish on the stock market now are swamping the bull case

The reasons for investors to be pessimistic are beginning to pile up just as quickly as the market has been sliding down. 

The top three things you’re not doing that are keeping you from becoming rich

Wannabe millionaires are confident, but most are on the wrong track.

Ex-Goldman Banker: $6 Billion Deals Just Don’t Happen If You Tell Compliance About Them

Much to David Solomon’s chagrin, things keep dribbling out about his bank’s involvement in some Malaysian shenanigans, which shenanigans Goldman now acknowledges are likely to prove very expensive for the bank, indeed. The latest comes from the redacted transcript of Leissner’s at-the-time secret guilty plea in August, in which he acknowledges that “other employees and agents of Goldman Sachs” had been in on the whole thing. This we already knew, what with one of Leissner’s underlings also being indicted, another of his former colleagues being rather embarrassingly unindicted, and one former CEO extremely embarrassingly linked to the whole unpleasant game. The statement also includes some music to D.J. D-Sol’s ears, specifically that those rogue agents worked overtime to keep those meddlin...

General Electric gets crushed, again — here’s what three experts say may come next

Shares of General Electric plunged on Monday to their lowest level since March 2009, extending the stock's severe losses from the session prior. As GE briefly broke below $8 per share, experts told CNBC what investors might expect next.

Amazon falls into bear market a little more than two months after hitting $1 trillion market cap

Amazon shares dipped into bear market territory Monday as the e-commerce giant added to a 20 percent decline from all-time highs reached back in September.

Amazon closes in bear market a little more than two months after hitting $1 trillion market cap

Amazon closed in a bear market Monday as the e-commerce giant added to a 20 percent decline from all-time highs reached back in September.