Markets are soaring thanks to China’s Xi: Read the highlights of his big speech on trade

In a wide-ranging speech Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping laid out plans for several key areas to make the domestic economy more accessible to foreign businesses.

This airline is set to soar on earnings this week, according to some traders

Shares of Delta could fly high when it reports earnings this week, according to some traders.

Invest in Russia at your own risk after US sanctions, strategist says

Until recently considered a safe bet, with many investors "overweight" on Russian assets, the country's markets now appear at the mercy of the U.S. Treasury.

As Zuckerberg’s testimony kicks off, one technician warns that Facebook stock is in danger

As investors wait to hear from Zuckerberg, one technician says the stock charts are only pointing to more pain.

One of the best performing tech stocks this year is setting up for a bigger breakout: Oppenheimer

Ari Wald of Oppenheimer pegs as a leader in any tech sector recovery.

Two big Wall Street banks just raised their Netflix stock forecasts because of its global opportunity

Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan raise their price targets for Netflix.

It’s time to ditch these 5 common excuses and start saving money now

Having to constantly hand over cash for endless necessities is just part of being an adult. Mortgage or rent, food, roof repairs, surgery for your dog (these are some of my own recent budget line items) … The list goes on and on. With all that going on, it can become easy to make excuses as to why you’re not saving. But setting aside money is crucial — for an emergency fund, education and retirement. Here are some common roadblocks to saving that I learned about from a few financial experts, along with their tips on how to get over the hump and just start saving now. Excuse #1: I know I should be saving, but I just don’t know how to get started. Here’s how to get past that. “Kick-starting your savings is surprisingly simple,” said Madeline Daniels, communicati...

Morgan Stanley upgrades Nvidia on chipmaker’s gaming, A.I. leadership

Morgan Stanley raises its rating for Nvidia shares to overweight from equal-weight.

Social dysfunction: Facebook has outperformed its peers over the last month. That’s about to end

Facebook shares are in a correction, but the stock is still outperforming Snap and Twitter in one month's time. For now.

Are Soybean Tariffs Irrelevant?

I’ve seen the argument that China’s tariffs on soybeans will have no effect because the soybeans will be relabeled so that US soybeans go to Europe, and soybeans that previously went to Europe go to China, evading Chinese tariffs on US soybeans. John Cochrane makes this point. This seems to have surface appeal in a world where transport costs are zero, and there are no set-up costs to establishing new trading links. Still, I sensed that this conclusion must rest on some assumptions, including for instance infinitely elastic supply. I decided to investigate further. For the sake of argument, let’s assume zero transport costs. What does formal modeling say? This was beyond me, fortunately I didn’t have to re-invent the wheel. From Gardner and Kimbrough, “The economics of country specific tar...

Bad Moon Rising

Recent geopolitical developments have led me to raise my probabilities of trade and other types of wars, such as capital wars, cyber wars (and possibly even shooting wars). That’s from Ray Dalio’s latest missive and I think it’s fair to say it’s an early candidate for quote of the week. So there are some “principles” for you. Speaking of “principles” and trade wars, we got more Larry Kudlow on Monday and as noted over at Dealbreaker, he is proving to be remarkably adept when it comes to abandoning his own principles and settling into his new job as a condescending Trump sycophant. The Syria situation appears likely to escalate further in the coming days/hours. Trump has tweeted himself into a corner on that, so despite last week’s promise to pull out of Syria quicker than he would “pull ou...

Tony Robbins Really Has Learned From Ray Dalio

By Randy Stewart ( [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons We can only imagine what sorts of thoughts about the #MeToo movement have been preserved in the Bridgewater Associates Blockbuster, and gnash our teeth in envy at those with a membership card that gets them past the saloon doors. As such, we’re forced to subsist on the opinions and statements of Ray Dalio acolyte and bullying victim Tony Robbins. At the event, in San Jose, Calif., he told a huge audience: “If you use the Me Too movement to try to get significance and certainty by attacking and destroying someone else, you haven’t grown an ounce. All you’ve done is basically use a drug called significance to make yourself feel good.” After Mr. Robbins praised the casino magnate Steve ...