Boeing, Lockheed Martin are the ‘early winners’ under Trump’s budget proposal: JP Morgan

J.P. Morgan said Boeing and Lockheed Martin both received higher spending budgets for their key programs under the plan.

Here’s where Credit Suisse sees the risk of a bear market for bonds

The downtrend in U.S. Treasury yields of the last several years has been broken, though experts disagree on the tipping point for a bear market.

The ‘charts are aligned’ for Dow stock Nike to race higher, says Oppenheimer technician

Nike has been leaving its competitors in the dust, and one technician says the stock will pick up speed.

Buy JP Morgan Chase shares on the dip because it is a ‘best-in-class’ bank, KBW says

Keefe, Bruyette & Woods raises its rating to outperform from market perform for J.P. Morgan Chase shares.

Here are the 10 most important stories for investors Tuesday morning

A daily look at the morning's key financial stories.

Here are the 10 most important stories for investors Wednesday morning

A daily look at the morning's key financial stories.

Hospital supplier shares dive as Amazon reportedly ramps up medical supply business

Amazon is reportedly moving deeper into the medical supply business.

Fears of a crash in ‘safe-haven’ bonds send investors running for cover

Fund managers have sliced their bond allocations to the lowest level in 20 years amid fears of a market crash.

Oil is in a correction, and could plunge even further

Crude will likely sink further to $55 per barrel, writes Phil Streible, senior market strategist at RJO Futures.

Austerity, What’s It Good For?

With apologies to Seinfeld. It seems like a long time ago that conservatives argued for cutting taxes and cutting spending so as to spur expansion — but the Brownback and Walker experiments in Kansas and Wisconsin are in some sense just being completed now, some five years after Governor Brownback’s “shot of adrenaline” forecast. Louis Johnston, who among other things has been following the Minnesota and Wisconsin experiences, brings my attention to this formal analysis of the Kansas and Wisconsin experiences, using a variety of econometric methods (differences-in-differences, shift-share, synthetic control method, etc.). From Two tales of two U.S. states: Regional fiscal austerity and economic performance, by Rickman and Wang [Working Paper version: This paper assesses the effects of U.S....

After Reports Mass Layoffs At Barnes & Noble, Amazon Lays Off Hundreds Through Force Of Habit

Welp, we officially have the latest hard-to-watch death throe in the ongoing “Death of Retail” narrative… Barnes & Noble is cutting staff, laying off lead cashiers, digital leads and other experienced workers in a company-wide clearing, CNBC has learned from sources familiar with the matter.The news came abruptly for many workers who showed up Monday morning at various Barnes & Noble locations to be notified that they no longer had a job, the people said. The number of affected workers couldn’t immediately be determined. A slowly-decaying brand that is no longer capable of managing layoffs humanely or efficaciously is one of the final symptoms in the disease that is business death, so Barnes & Noble has moved one step closer the great beyond. Its stock is dropping like an analo...

SFO Adds Some Existential Drama To Barclays Qatar Trial

Last summer, Barclays CEO Jes Staley received something rare and precious for any CEO of Barclays: Good news. This took the unusual form of criminal charges against the company of which he is CEO. However, the U.K. Serious Fraud Office chose to charge only the Barclays holding company, and not its operating subsidiary—you know, the one with the licenses that can be revoked—in addition to four former executives. Emphasis on the former. Hence, the celebration at Canary Wharf.As you’d expect, however, from Barclays, there were ominous portents in that good news, specifically the fact that the SFO had not actually made a final decision about whether to charge the operating subsidiary. Well, the agency’s been done some more digging into the question of how Barclays allegedly lied to investors a...