Nordstrom’s post-earnings sell-off was ‘overdone,’ buy for its digital strategy, Deutsche Bank says

Nordstrom's recent earnings sell-off presents a compelling buying opportunity, according to Deutsche Bank.

Micron is up 43 percent this year and has more room to run, says market watcher

After Micron Technology's explosive start to 2018, investors may be wondering whether the stock has any more energy.

3 debts you should watch as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates

The market has already started anticipating rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, and you should too. Central bank officials have said they are planning to raise rates three times this year. That could go up to four hikes, depending on how June unemployment rate numbers play out. Those moves under Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will change how you access credit and borrow money. One key area you want to watch is how these changes affect your existing debts, according to Ted Jenkin, CEO of Oxygen Financial. More from Straight Talk:Investors will keep buying cryptocurrencies: PunditUnwanted life insurance? Sell itQuestions you need to ask your financial advisor Here are three key debts Jenkin recommends you should watch. If you have an adjustable rate mortgage, now may be the time to lock ...

Morgan Stanley Recalls Quant From Bridgewater Internship/Spy Mission

The Morgan Stanley SWAT team extracts Court Crane from 1 Glendinning Place. By English: Lance Cpl. Kenneth K. Trotter Jr [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Three years ago, Morgan Stanley embedded a spy within Bridgewater Associates to learn its mysterious ways. Specifically, the mysterious and lucrative ways and means of its army of Principled robots. And with Ray Dalio and co. temporarily distracted by other matters, the bank decided it was the perfect time to safely extract him from Westport and get him to work putting other people at Morgan Stanley out of work. And maybe teach them to videotape all meetings and how best to deal with sexual misconduct allegations. Morgan Stanley has rehired a former electronic trading specialist as investment banks arm themselves for a future in whi...

Turkey Now Less Credit Worthy Than Senegal Amid Ongoing Currency Crisis … Is What A ‘Gulenist Tool’ Would Say

Listen, it is imperative that you understand something and that something is this: Turkish President, Kurd hunter extraordinaire and world-renowned rates strategist, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, knows what he’s doing, ok? Sure, there’s a lot of market speculation that maybe his theories about interest rates and FX and inflation are indicative of his generalized penchant for lunacy and yes, there are some folks out there who think it would be an absolutely terrible idea for him to go through with the promise he made last week when he told a shocked Bloomberg anchor that he’s going to basically name himself central bank head, but that’s all nonsense. It’s just jealous foreigners trying to sow doubt and confusion and otherwise sully his sterling reputation. Or worse, it’s evidence the firms that are...

Craig Carton Pleads Stupidity, And Who Are We To Argue?

Craig Carton’s intellectual deficiencies were readily apparent to anyone whose car radio was stuck on WFAN in New York on weekday mornings before his untimely arrest in September on charges of running a ticket-scalping Ponzi scheme at the expense of an allegedly well-run hedge fund. Presumably, his lawyers are preparing transcripts of some of his choicer takes on the Mets and Jets to fortify their argument that he should not be facing those charges on account of those intellectual deficiencies. “The Indictment is devoid of any allegations that Mr. Carton possessed ‘culpable intent’ at the time the Hedge Fund established the loan facility for approximately $4.6 million in the ticket resale business on December 8, 2016,” reads the court document. “The Government has failed to put forth any a...

America Doesn’t Have The Stomach For Trump’s Trade War

President Trump’s capitulation to the Chinese only surprising in that it was so complete. In exchange for lifting the threat of new tariffs on $150 billion worth of goods, the president received nothing besides vague assurances of increased purchases of American agriculture, something that rapidly rising demand would have necessitated anyway. One must give credit to Chinese negotiators, who wisely realize they have nothing to gain from taking Trump’s tariff threats seriously until the American electorate signals its support for the trade war over the course of at least another election cycle. And let’s also credit Donald Trump’s predecessors. It turns out that they’re probably not as stupid as the president thinks, and that lopsided terms of trade between China and the U.S. hasn’t resulted...

Raytheon downgraded as Credit Suisse curbs its enthusiasm for defense and aerospace

The hot trade in aerospace and defense – including that of industry leader Raytheon – is coming to an end, according to Credit Suisse.

Winter Came And Appears to Be Sticking Around J.C. Penney

J.C. Penney can attribute its low sales during Q1 to cold weather, but as sunshine spreads across the East Coast, a rain/hail/snow cloud continues to loom over the once great department store. Online retail sales have been hacking away at their profits for months, but a Tyson-esque blow was delivered as Lowe’s came in hot this morning with a haymaker right to the face of J.C. Penney by announcing they had ripped CEO, Marvin Ellison, from the near-lifeless body of the department store. J.C. Penney Co. slumped after Chief Executive Officer Marvin Ellison abruptly resigned to take the top job at home-improvement retailer Lowe’s Cos. J.C. Penney, the Derrick Rose of department stores, has undergone plenty of change in an attempt to fill their former shell, but Ellison’s departure is not lookin...

Billionaire investor Cooperman says FANG stock valuations are ‘reasonable’ except for Amazon

Leon Cooperman, chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors, shares his top stock ideas Tuesday on CNBC's "Halftime Report."

Bond Market Pretty Sure Populism Is More Dangerous Than Any Sanctions Russia Might Have Incurred For Covertly Pushing Populism

If you had to choose between the semi-global populist uprising on one hand and the threat of ongoing tensions between Washington and Moscow on the other, which would you pick as the greater threat in the context of markets? It’s an interesting question for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that there’s an argument to be made that part of the calculus for the Trump administration when it comes to the imposition of harsh sanctions on Russia is the idea that those sanctions can be used as a smoke screen to combat allegations of collusion. That alleged collusion was part and parcel of a broader effort by Russia to influence political outcomes in Western democracies by capitalizing off the surging popularity of populist candidates and nationalist sentiment in France (Marine Le Pen)...

Goldman Sachs: Hedge funds hate these 10 stocks — including Nvidia, Walmart

Goldman Sachs shares its list of top stocks hedge funds are betting against the most.