Cramer’s lightning round: Dropbox’s stock is a buy even after the tech sell-off

Jim Cramer flags an opportunity in shares of data-focused technology play Dropbox in the lightning round.

Cramer shares ‘chart master’ Larry Williams’ top trades for the end of the year

Jim Cramer and technician Larry Williams outline some potentially lucrative trades in the retail sector.

‘It would be crazy’ for the Fed to ignore these key slowdown signals: Cramer

Jim Cramer says that between signals of slowing inflation and the U.S.-China trade dispute, stocks could benefit from a more "rational" Federal Reserve.

Analysts are missing the mark on shares of Apple and FANG, Cramer says

Jim Cramer reviews the negative coverage of Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet's stocks and offers his counterarguments.

It’s A Miracle: There’s A Brexit Deal

By EU2017EE Estonian Presidency (Theresa May) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons Ladies and gentlemen: We have a Brexit deal. The scornful, snarky doubters (whoever they are) have been proven wrong. Theresa May has done it, Ireland and all. Raise a glass to Her Majesty the Prime Minister and let’s all join in a rousing rendition of “Rule Britannia.” Plucky Albion’s pulled through! Even assuming she gains the cabinet’s approval on Wednesday without a politically damaging raft of resignations — not a given — Mrs. May faces daunting odds in pushing the compromise plan through Parliament, where it has many opponents…. One influential pro-Brexit lawmaker, Steve Baker, said on Tuesday that about 50 pro-Brexit Conservative lawmakers might oppose Mrs. May’s deal. Hard-Brexiters swiftly reacted neg...

If Ginni Rometty Will Wildly Overpay For A Tech Company, Carl Icahn’s Gonna Make Sure Michael Dell Does, Too

Five years ago, Michael Dell bested Carl Icahn in a protracted and amusing battle of the billionaires over Dell’s namesake company. Icahn thought Dell was screwing over Dell shareholders such as himself, but 65% of them voted for the deal anyway. Three years later, Dell realized it missed at least part of being a public company, namely the ease with which it allows one to raise money for nothing. So Dell issued a tracking stock to raise a few billion to buy a company called EMC, which owned most of a company called VMware, upon which the tracking stock was based. Now, Dell wants to be fully public again. But rather than go through the trouble of an IPO, it figures it’ll just reverse-merge with the VMware tracking stock. This strikes a lot of hedge-fund types as a bad idea. It strikes Icahn...

Which Observation Is Not Like the Others: US Inward FDI Again

Plotting nominal dollar value of inward FDI understates the collapse in inflows. Here is the ratio to GDP, and — considering how FDI covaries with the stock market’s level — the real S&P 500 (As I recall, working on this topic during the boom, the dollar’s strength was the other important factor — but that hasn’t changed much over the last three years.) Figure 1: Inward US bound FDI as a ratio to nominal US GDP (blue, left scale), and real S&P 500 (red, right scale). NBER defined recession dates shaded gray. Trump administration denoted by orange shading. Deflation using CPI. Source: OECD, BEA 2017Q3 advance via FRED, Robert Shiller, NBER, and author’s calculations. Note that given the correlation between stock prices and FDI, I would’ve expected higher levels of inflows. I...

If Trump and Democrats get serious about an infrastructure bill, these stocks should benefit

Investors should buy materials companies like Nucor and Vulcan Materials if U.S. lawmakers move forward with any infrastructure plans, Sean Darby of Jefferies said in a note.

Millennials, you can win the holidays without going broke

Learn to navigate holiday spending without taking on credit card debt.

It’s Larry Kudlow’s Turn To Lock Pete Navarro In A West Wing Closet

Perhaps the funniest part of Larry Kudlow’s tenure as Donald Trump’s top economic adviser is how unwilling Larry has been to learn the lessons of his predecessor, Gary Cohn. Instead of leveraging Gary’s departure to get the president thinking (or at least acting) more reasonably on trade and spending, or holding his fire on Twitter, Kuddles has simply kept us his smarm offensive; coddling the president’s ego while tacitly disagreeing with every Trump economic policy that doesn’t rhyme with “Sax Buts.” But now Larry has been forced to confront one unignorable reality of his gig – something that Gary Cohn handled beautifully when he stomped the halls of the West Wing – Peter Navarro must be kept away from cameras, microphones, and probably children. On Friday, Navarro went on stage at some c...

Cramer: Wall Street is ‘absurd’ for punishing Home Depot for good earnings

Jim Cramer has said he prefers Home Depot over Lowe's because of what he called generally better earnings results, same-store sales and growth. 

White House economic advisors clash: Kudlow says Navarro’s China comments are ‘way off base’

President Trump's top economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, disavows comments from White House trade advisor Peter Navarro.